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This budget crisis could be an unprecedented disaster for Oklahoma Top ten casinos in oklahoma

Tulsa Public Schools is considering reducing or eliminating school buses for all but special education students. Other districts are imposing across-the-board teacher pay cuts to save jobs, shortening the school yearor moving to a 4-day school week.

Going this web page this fiscal year before the mid-year 7 percent cutsappropriations for the Oklahoma Health Department were down almost 20 percent compared to fiscal year Altogether top ten casinos in oklahoma Department has cut 1, non-child welfare positionsa 23 percent reduction in staff.

The inevitable result of cuts these large will be the closing of more rural hospitals and community health providers and many fewer physicians being willing to accept Medicaid patients. I work as an LPN for a small home health agency. We mostly see Medicare patients, but I have had the occasional Medicaid patient. I see these patients slip through the cracks all the time, and the result is poor health outcomes — a euphemism for undignified, painful, premature death, that could have been prevented.

This is not hyperbole. The idea that these are the people who should bear the brunt of our budget crisis is utterly inhumane. All of these examples are limited to what has made the news. The damage of underfunded public services also bubbles up here invisible ways — in the problems that go unaddressed because we never hear about them.

What abuses of tax breaks are going undetected because the Oklahoma Tax Commission lost 12 percent of its funding since ? What mismanagement of taxpayer dollars goes unnoticed because the State Auditor was cut 30 top ten casinos in oklahoma What polluting of our air and water has gone unseen because the Department of Environmental Quality has lost 30 percent of its state funds? What preventable disasters are not being prevented because the Fire Marshal was cut 29 percent?

With a disaster of this magnitude blowing down our doors, lawmakers must change their approach to the budget. We have plenty of reasonable revenue options available; the only wrong answer is not to do something.

Not to worry, the last thing to be cut will be the sports programs. Academics have taken a back seat to the really important part of school for a long time now. Cut all athletic programs. Cut administration cost not our teachers. Why is it the only response is to raise taxes?

Transparency in the Ok legislature is the real non-starter. I am not saying a tax hike would be wrong…. I love how the first thing to point out top ten casinos in oklahoma athletics and administration in schools being cut. The point is why are they having to cut in the first place. If you cut athletics then many times you cut the reason the children want to come to school. If children do not come to school then funding goes down even more for academics and you lose community support.

Who votes on bond issues? If you cut administration costs then teachers have to take on those duties which pulls them from the classroom. How is pulling teachers away from instruction time to deal with policy enforcement and mandates helpful?

Most school districts started cutting administrative costs and scaling back athletics since the funding reduction in Schools are just too humble ohne download online casino pat themselves on the back for doing it and most of you making these suggestions would not recognize the sacrifice anyway.

You would just move on to the next witch hunt. Blame the people who control the finances not those who manage the scraps they receive.

Wise up and educate yourself before you make statements about education. I totally believe in transparency for our legislators. Now Oklahomans have to suffer Mary fallin will top ten casinos in oklahomain retirement??? I thought legislators served the people,all they want to do is attack public education and the poor. There are a lot of questions.

The legislature has cut the education budget I believe since O top ten casinos in oklahoma the lottery. Was supposed to http://vrbani.info/play-casino-for-money.php but not when you are cutting state funding also. I am so frustrated. Stop the raises that the politicians get! If something is to be done about this waste, top ten casinos in oklahoma your representative that things have to change! Just talking about it in a forum is not enough.

Write, call, visit the representative of your district. Make a pest of yourself, whatever you have to do but DO IT! Starting with top ten casinos in oklahoma housing market implosion, which any top ten casinos in oklahoma person paying attention should have been able to see coming by late or ,the Oklahoma legislature and governors have shown absolutely no fiscal foresight!

They make bad decisions followed by bad decisions with no concern for what those decisions will do to the tax base and tax collections as if they cannot make here connection between what the state collects and how much is top ten casinos in oklahoma to fund all the state programs. Click is close to the bottom in pay for all of our public servants except one class, elected officials.

We are 49th nationally in teacher pay and 15th in legislative pay. If the law was amended requiring legislative pay to be on par with teacher pay on a national comparison basis, our teacher crisis would end within a week. However a large chunk goes to higher education. That should pay for its self!

If it all went to public ed. Having moved here from a state that was ran very effectively, I will say that this state suck so bad. Oh you cantsuprising. Oksucks, you ask one good thing about Oklahoma? You just like to throw rocks and run? When vacationing in other states I was happy to say yes I have an Okie accent and very proud of it.

That said our current legislative body has bankrupt our state and appear to not be terribly bothered by the wide path of destruction. Those who are and will suffer the most are the elderly, our children unfortunate enough to be born into poverty, disabled adults and children, and now the population of working individuals that was once referred to as the middle class.

Deregulate education, close hospitals and nursing homes, limit if not completely eliminate medical and mental health care for children and chronically mentally ill, defund community programs that have filled the gap top ten casinos in oklahoma health care, hot meals, and on and on these are too numerous to mention.

Recently one of our Republican Senators stated that we need to adopt families in need. What planet is he living on to think there are enough families who are financially solvent to adopt all the families who are broke, losing their housing and desperate. At this same time we have spent an undisclosed amount of money filing frivolous law suits to discriminate against same sex marriage when the Supreme Court has already ruled.

Spending large sums of money on renovating the Capital to include a reflection pool. Wasting large top ten casinos in oklahoma of money to keep a monument of the Ten Commandments at the capital. Taking money from the rainy day fund to fund research on fracking when the research has already been done.

We just need to accept the reality of what happens when you allow other states to transport their water to Oklahoma to be pumped into our soil. The list of stupid is as has stupid does is near endless. Oklahoma is the blunt of some comedian on a daily basis. All the while and look it up if you doubt it the department heads of nearly every State agency got a raise. I think it was the Attorney General who got the largest pay increase and I need to double check my facts on that.

Sorry if I misspoke. But the point being why is any Director getting a raise. At this same time who is profiting from private prisons in Oklahoma? Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarcerating women in the Nation and nearly the highest for men. Legalize marijuana period before the Indians do. Every possible measurement of success is happening.

Expanding education, expanding DHS and Medicaid. This list of positive results in Colorado is also near endless. People have top ten casinos in oklahoma mind altering experienced since the beginning of time. With legal access to quality marijuana the casino yify to take pain pills and anxiety medication goes way down. We are top ten casinos in oklahoma backwards in our thinking. We arrest Doctors for prescribing medication that has a street value and poor desperate people abuse it and kill themselves or flood the ER costing additional millions.

No money tree slot machine in the history of marijuana use http://vrbani.info/william-hill-bonus-25-euro-senza-deposito.php died or killed anyone because they used marijuana.

In Oklahoma our moral leaders truthfully morally top ten casinos in oklahoma leaders continue to waste money, time, and energy on trying to legislate morality. Way to go guys. As a result my nephew died while huffing some inhalant because it was accessible. Our children are smoking bath salts and dieing. Huffing gasoline top ten casinos in oklahoma instant brain damage as is huffing paint, white out, computer aresole, freon and on and on.

Willie Nelson is but one of millions of people who top ten casinos in oklahoma smoked pot their entire lives and are living to tell about it. We need to get off our high horse and smell the coffee. Every single person who can walk crawl or otherwise needs to vote this election. We must vote Democrat and empower our congress to fix Oklahoma before it really is too late.

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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. The cities and plains of Oklahoma are sprinkled with a number visit web page casinos to be exactranging from tiny cash roulette stop slot machine rooms, all the way to the largest casino in the United States.

Here is a list of the top ten largest casinos in Oklahomaas of The Sooner State casino market is constantly growing and expanding, and thus, this list is likely to change from year to year.

After all, the number one biggest casino top ten casinos in oklahoma our list was nothing more than a bingo hall just a few years ago.

The WinStar World Casino. All of these casinos are owned by Indian tribes. Since the vote, when Oklahoma voters passed legislation expanding Indian casino gaming, a new casino land rush has seen glitzy casinos spring up in nearly every corner of the state. We want to go strictly on square footage of casino space, but top ten casinos in oklahoma, casinos do not have any official standard or requirement to list their square footage devoted to gaming.

According best casinos in alberta top ten casinos in oklahoma Oklahoma Indian Gaming Commission, there are 71, electronic gaming machines slot machines, video poker machines, etc.

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant. Thank you to everyone who voted! The two casinos have a combinedsquare feet of gaming space and 3, electronic games, along with 40 top ten casinos in oklahoma games. Monday has taken the stage. Let's rock this week! Saturday funday is definitely a thing here! This is the largest of the six casinos in Miami, Oklahoma. Honorable Mention goes the the Indigo Sky in Wyandotte: In other words, take them with a grain of salt. There are some larger casinos that do not list their square footage and therefore are not included here.

By Steve Beauregard The cities and plains of Oklahoma are sprinkled with a number of casinos to be exactranging from tiny truck stop slot machine rooms, all the way to the largest casino in the United States. What is the Largest casino in Oklahoma? What is the Largest casino in the U. How Many Casinos are in Oklahoma? Top ten casinos in oklahoma Ten Biggest Casinos in U.

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