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I'll just, um, I'll just entertain myself. And don't make a big fuss that it's from me. The hardest, the toughest school there is, and you would know. Um, are you free for dinner tonight? And now, because of this clown, there is going to be dedicated scrutiny of what we are doing. Alright, listen, mate, I want to do business with your bank, alright? Private dining room, lots of fact-finders overseas.

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I mean, Jesus Christ, what if you need an emergency game of pool or a packet of Tic Tacs or something?

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It's how you say it. I knew who Stormzy was, but I am not into grime. But if anything goes wrong, like my home being invaded by Turkey, you want nothing to do with it, do No, listen to me, listen to me. You take advantage of my kindness, and that is a form of abuse. Yeah, well, I'll just set up a new bank account. IF he's given up drugs!

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