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We all know the feeling. You're not a virgin? Topic Archived First Previous Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Even though ugliness can be all around you--you can literally be in a thunderstorm of blood--if you look past that, it really is just two people holding on to each other. Last Updated by Registrar: I thought it was unnecessary as well- like my kid is missing, possibly dead, I have broken bones and lacerations all over my body

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People want to believe this game is good so that it can kick start the genre of interactive story telling.

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Evan Rachel Wood: Marilyn Manson Sex And Blood Rain Video "One Of The Most Romantic Moments"

What was that one commercial with the guy doing the stupid dance? What was that one song with the line that said something about a fat man? The relationship between the two characters exists as two friends working through all odds to save the world, not lovers. Feel free to "Support Interactive Drama" as David Cage puts it, but don't do it by believing this game is anything but a foothold for much better story-telling games to come. And you know, the same thing with the sex scene.

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blood rain sex scene
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blood rain sex scene
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