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I didn't do any cleansing. Follow 37 Quite quickly I started to enjoy it but not in the same way as sex, more as a relaxing thing that helped with communication and closeness. He was so drunk that some of the time he was just thrusting on top of my pelvic bone, which was actually extremely painful. COM 7 min Sexcamscom - How was your first experience with Anal sex? Rumors were flying around school.

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Well I was on my period one day had a tampon in but for some reason got really 'horny' so me and my partner decided to try anal.

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Drugged, Drink tied and the victim. I was not okay for a long time. Tbf it weren't that painful and I quite surprisingly did actually enjoy it. Follow 30 Till now I was always sayin that I'll never do thatas I heard that for girls it doesn't give any pleasure and mostly I was scared of all the side effects, bacteria n stuff like that.

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painful drunk anal sex

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