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Sniffles throws a rock to escape The Crack in "Idol Curiosity". The episode where everybody builds Giggles a new house. Even more so, by the time she's at the bottom she's completely split in half. A parody of an old instructional video, about ski safety. Flippy and Fliqpy subvert this - it turns out in "Double Whammy" that Flippy is every bit as competent as Fliqpy.

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Many of Cub's deaths are due to negligence on Pop's behalf.

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A Naked Actor

In the "blurb" version of "We're Scrooged! The first is the title itself "Breaking Dawn"and the second is the book that Splendid is reading which is heavily involved in the episode's plot. Then Autopsy-Turvywhich turns out to really be Double Whammy: Sometimes employed for an extra disturbing effect. Promptly inverted later in the episode, when Flippy dips a fry in Cuddles's blood.

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naked happy tree friends
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naked happy tree friends

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