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As it happens, the no deal that turns Britain into a no-fly zone of rotting fruit is almost certainly a mirage. Sadly, the long-term impact of such short-sighted opportunism will unquestionably scar our communities for years to come. You can unsubscribe at any time and we will not pass on your information. Faced with that peril, the duty of the opposition is clear: If 40 Tories rebelled it would leave a Brexit deal at serious risk of failing to gain Parliamentary approval, with the Prime Minister needing Labour votes to get it through.

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With hardcore Brexiteers urging ‘no deal’, Labour’s duty is clear

Her words and deeds since taking the keys to Number 10 have confirmed one obvious fact; our new Prime Minister is the not-so-secret hardcore Brexiteer. A revealing, if bizarre, insight into the mindset came — again — from Redwood, when he described how he had spent the summer avoiding European goodspatrolling the supermarket aisles as if he were chemically allergic to anything touched by our nearest neighbours. I'm a Celeb weight loss reactions fall along gender lines. But the prospect of no deal draws that case in even sharper lines. David Mundell Scottish Secretary: Her reputation for resilience will face its toughest test yet. Still, the shift in focus to no deal is performing several useful functions.

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theresa may hard core
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theresa may hard core
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