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The following Wikimedia Foundation sister projects provide more on this subject: USUK mpreg and other fun things. Hand fetishism or hand partialism or also Quirofilia is the sexual fetish for hands. As soon as Arthur's muscles clamped down around his member, Alfred threw his head back and growled, climaxing as hard as he could inside the smaller male. But you're gonna get much bigger. The Boy Will Drown Album:

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As soon as Arthur pulled himself off and crept closer, Alfred wrapped his strong arms around the smaller male and held him close.

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Fetish leak the boy will drown

Pants of pleasure as he moaned loudly, turning even louder as the male pressured sweet spots inside of him. Oh, could Arthur hear him swallowing all those juices? Alfred remained inside Arthur, even as his orgasm began to fizzle away. Don't mind if I do. He felt so heavy, but was light enough still to walk, but not very far and very long. Alfred smirked again, baring his sharp pearly white fangs, and pressed his cool lips against the oozing slit. He let out a low growl from the back of his throat, taking his erection into hand and poking it against Arthur's taped-up pussy.

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fetish leak the boy will drown
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fetish leak the boy will drown
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