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I pressed my thumb against the base of the plug and gave it several good shoves to ensure it was as far in as possible, then I held it in place as her body writhed and bucked. Spanking in the real world and the roots of our spanking fantasies. I plug sometimes the spankee with a ginger root Figging. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. Forcing them to focus on the muscles of their ass prevents this from happening, so they will mentally aware of their punishment throughout.

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A very naughty girl, made to insert a large plug, in less than a minute, with no lubrication, fully naked, in front of you, will be a well punished girl indeed.

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Anal discipline with my tutor

Enemas are often used also. I answered incorrectly when asked, and requested ninety-five strokes, which Master kindly agreed to administer. I handed the open jar to her to hold and slid my left hand between her scorching cheeks. She squealed and I could feel every muscle in her body tense as she tried desperately to stay in position over my knee. Next, I threaded a thin leather strap through the two O-rings now attached to base of the plug.

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